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Main features
Silver 4mm front Panel
Black 4mm front panel
Internal view
Side view
Front view frontale
Back view
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assembly procedure manual.

(work in progress )
10 mm front panel
1U 40mm
2U 80mm
Samples of customized front panel
Available in: 4 depths e 3 widths9
230 x 170
124 x 230
124 x 73
Galaxy is an enclosure with an useful internal height of 40 mm very refined, indicated to emphasize the projects it will contain.

Galaxy Maggiorato has the same characteristics, but with an useful internal height of 80 mm.

The sides in aluminium could be little heat sinks.

Available in 4 depths and 3 different widths fused in a variety of 13 models suitable to satisfy various requirements.
230 x 230
230 x 280
330 x 170
330 x 230
330 x 280
It is made up of:

A 30/10 glazed, white, oxidised,  aluminium  front;

A 30/10 glazed, black, oxidised, aluminium back;

2 sides in aluminium section 10 mm satin-finished and black oxidized;

2 black, 10/10, wide, iron covers with fixture holes for countersunk screws;

10 mm fronts are available as spare parts for Galaxy series.
124 x 170
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* internal height.
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