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T-AMP Enclosures
We have drawn the aesthetic of the product in order to transform the T-AMP, when it's lodged in our case, into a hi-end product. All of this at a T-AMP price.
Main features
Silver knob
Black knob
Below view
3 versions togheter
Front view
The dimensions of the case are 234 mm width, 140 mm depth and 45 mm height.

Observed to help the assembling of the T-AMP, the case allows to insert also a compact power supplier ( Max 70x130x44 mm ).
Anyway it is always possible to connect an external power supplier.

It is also possible to use batteries, there is an opening where you can insert and replace them.

It is really easy the assembling, you need only a screwdriver and a pincer.
Back view
Bi-amp ready
Download here
assembly procedure manual.
The kit includes a 10 mm aluminium panel with an elegant serigraphy, the body and the top painted in anti-scratch black, a aluminium well-rounded and oxidised knob ( black or silver ) and all of the necessary screws.
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