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Main features
Silver 4mm front panel
Balck 4mm front panel
Side view
Internal view*
Front view
Back view
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assembly procedure manual.

( Work in progress )
10 mm front panel
3U 120mm
2U 80mm
Samples of custimized front panel
  2 depths
435 x 300
435 x 400
It is made up of:

A black or white glazed oxidized 40/10 aluminium front, with slightly rounded corners to avoid scratches or cuts during assembly;

2 black oxidised lateral dissipators;

A 1 mm thick black anti-scratch back;

Two iron 1 mm thick black anti-scratch tops;

Customers can now choose a milled 10 mm aluminium front in black or silver. 
4U 165mm
5U 210mm
With the vertical positioning of its dissipaters a fireplace effect is created. This allows the dissipation of energy without using a cooling fan. Particularly used in radio telecommunications and sound systems in general.
2U  3U  4U  5U
*Internal height.
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* internal drilled base is optional