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Main features
Silver rack 4mm front panel
Black rack 4mm front panel
Internal view
Side view
Front view
Back view
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assembly procedure manual.

( Work in progress )
10 mm front panel
3U 120mm
2U 80mm
Samples of customized front panel
  2 depths
435 x 300
435 x 400
It is made up of:

A black  or white glazed oxidized 40/10 aluminium front;

Body size is 435 mm;

2 steel sides 1 mm thick painted with anti-scratch black paint;

Two steel 1 mm thick black anti-scratch tops;

A 1 mm thick black anti-scratch back with a socket for V.D.E. connection and a thirteen 13 mm hole for fuses;

"Milled aluminium 10 mm thick  fronts are also available in black and silver.
4U 165mm
5U 210mm
Widely used and  requested by our customers for its adaptable dimension for various projects, and in particular FM transmitters, disco sound systems, laboratory tools, and TV systems etc…
2U  3U  4U  5U
It is also available an internal base, supplied separately, cod. 01/05 which could be fixed to the lateral panels where you can fix other components.
*  Internal height.
There are a lot of different handles available for the pesante series.
Customized front panel.
Webstyle produced NavBar
*Handles are optionals.