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MD HD model derives from MD21, it joins to the aluminium the plexiglass to accentuate cleanliness and perfection of the frontal panel, all of this without losing versatility.

It has lodging of 5" frontal panels. The first is intended to receive a DVD burner/player or the HD-DVD, BLU-RAY it will be integrated perfectly into the frontal panel thanks to the elegant aluminium little panel.

The second internal lodging is behind the black panel in plexiglass and it allows to assemble very easily a display or a IR receiver without modifying the aesthetic of the frontal and making a very nice and fairly good visual effect.
Thanks to this solution in the darkness during the viewing of a film the brightness of the leds won't be annoying.

A product with an elegant design but opened to personalization, ideal for who wants both versatility and a modern aesthetic inspired to new tendencies ordered by new products.
Main features
Silver & black plexiglass
3 HDD + 80/90 fan
1 DVD+ 1 LCD+ 1 HDD
10mm Alluminium
80 mm fans
The MD HD model belongs to a new generation of aluminium enclosure for PC ( HTPC and Media Center ), built as high quality hi-fi, with profusion of material and high finishes.

The body and the cover are in 2 mm aluminium, the frontal panel is an aluminium plate 1 mm thick, brushed manually and oxidized.

This is a modular product, everyone of its components from the frontal panel in aluminium is interchangeable and is easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the screws.

Made by fans for fans it has been designed to help the assembling of the internal components to optimize the exploitation of the space but also the cooling.

He looks Esoteric or like an Hi-End component. This can be appreciated when you have to put togheter a computer and an high level HI-FI chain as in the photo above.
2 USB 2.0
Predisposed for:
Production feature:
Upgrade to MD HD Rev. 1 version.
New internal bar to strengthen the structure and make easier to mount all parts as cover e DVD front cover.
New design for the back panel. Now, it's easier to mount optionals 80mm fans.
With new vented cover it's easier to built a realible fanless HTPC or Media Center.
It's available optional rack 19" mounting kit.
Assembly procedure.
Sample of display VFD / LCD installation.
*Remote is not included.
Webstyle produced NavBar
*The VFD/LCDdisplay is not included.